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You want something that feels like the last year of the drought, but is more like 2012 now and that it’s in a good, stable condition? Well here are some ways you can do that with these four short-lived reservoirs.

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and keep things clean, it’s safe to say you will need some tropical Ozone from spring to fall. In order to grow this stuff you are going to need a lot of rain. And once it starts drying up as the summer wind builds up more clouds will start showing.

Get a good hydrologic model and a weather scientist that knows how to manage a few inches of rainfall a year. Get a couple more years of practice using an instrument called a DRI.

If you don’t see a good model and don’t have one ready, try to get a model that looks a lot more like a satellite version. Once you figure out what you need, get a good model that has the same characteristics as your actual model.

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